Our technicians are qualified for a multi-brand maintenance of your separation equipments (separators, decanters, filters).

As a manufacturer, E2SE has a thorough knowledge of separators and a supplier base in order to provide all the specific parts.


We offer overhauls of your centrifugal separators (regardless of brand). Once received in our workshop, we provide a complete diagnostic before we repair your equipment.


During the commissioning of the equipment, we train your team on ideal practices regarding the exploitation and the maintenance operations.


We analyse your product to be treated, provide a personalised expertise and offer the appropriate equipment.


Our research unit designs tailored separation equipment according to your specific needs. We consider the technical specifications of your product (dryness/moisture, size of solid particles, viscosity, etc) and your operating conditions (flow rate, dimensions, safety standards) with the purpose of delivering an optimised solution.


We provide rental mobile units for your on-site testing and your punctual needs (for more information, please consult the Centrifugal Mobile Unit – Product Sheet).