Decanter Centrifuges

The Decanter Centrifuges are designed to perform separation operations for mixtures having high solid concentrations (up to 30%). The particule sizes that can be extracted varies from 2 µm to 40 mm.

E2SE distribute, in partnership with Spomasz, a wide range of decanters, including different sizes and parameters that can be adapted to your specific needs. 

For more information about our decanters, please consult the Decanter Centrifuges Product Sheet.

Working Principle

  1. The feed solution is introduced into a cylindrical-conical bowl which is rotating ;
  2. The mixture is then accelerated at high speed and divided into different phases by centrifugal force ;
  3. The solids are accumulated on the bowl walls and evacuated by a screw conveyor, which rotates at a differential speed ;
  4. The clarified liquid flows in counter-current and is discharged by overflow.

It’s possible to monitor the dryness by modifying the differential speed and consequently the retention time of the solution inside the bowl.

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Our Range of Decanters

We offer a wide range of decanters including different sizes, covering many applications for SMEs as well as for large industrial groups.

Our experts provide a customized analysis of your product to be treated and offer a solution tailored to your processes for optimum performance.

Technical DataWD 250WD 350WD 453WD 602
Hydraulic flow (m³/h)12203050
Production flow (m³/h)2,57 12 à 2018 à 25
Bowl diameter (mm)250350450600
Rotation speed (tr/min)5000440035002300
Main engine poser (kW)1117,52245
Secondary engine power (kW)3111118,5
Dimensions (l * w * h in cm)230 * 70 * 90307 * 93 * 128376 * 99 * 150480 * 123 * 155
Weight (kg)900190029205000


  • Our engineers design tailored separations units, adapted to your specific requirements ;


  • We are competent to repair and refurbish all types of separators and decanters.


  • Our technicians assist you from the on-site installation through staff training up to the preventive and perfective maintenance.


Our separators can be either set up to separate Liquid-Solid to perform clarification, concentration or any other separation operations.

We cover a multitude of applications in many industries such as sewage treatment (water treatment plant), agribusiness (olive oil, starch, protein) but also pharmaceuticals, chemicals, waste processing, etc.