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All the industries are using filtering devices within their production units in order to perform different operations (clarification, extraction, equipment protection).

E2SE designs and manufactures static and self-cleaning filters that can be configured according to your production and the properties of the fluid (density, viscosity, size of solid particles).

Our experts provide a customized analysis of your product to be treated and offer a solution tailored to your processes for optimum filtration performance.

Self-Cleaning Filters

The F-Filters are made up of an automatic cleaning system.

The solution passes through the filtration media which traps the solid particles. A set of brushes is continuously scraping the media, thus preventing the filter from plugging.

The solid particles are transported to the lower part of the filter, where they are accumulated. The filtration threshold can vary from 80 µm to few millimeters and the outflow can reach 200 m³/h.

For more information about our self-cleaning filters, please consult the Self-Cleaning Filters Product Sheet.

Technical DataF2/2F2F5F8/2F8
Hydraulic outflow (m³/h)≤ 5≤ 50≤ 100≤ 150≤ 200
Filtration area (m²)0,330,480,600,881,76
Volume (L)5787110200420
Motor Speed (rpm)13701370150015001500
Shaft Speed (rpm)1818111111
Engine Power (kW)0,550,550,750,750,75
Weight (kg)90130200300400
Dimensions (l * w * h in cm)71 * 48 * 19571 * 48 * 22671 * 60 * 200102 * 99 * 313102 * 99 * 380

Static Filters

The ST-Filters are composed by an hermetically sealed cylinder, containing a filter basket which filtration threshold is higher than 80 micrometers.

The solution is introduced under pressure inside the filter, passes through the filtration media before being discharged through the output flange. The basket can be easily removed for cleaning to prevent any clogging.

For more information about our static filters, please consult the Static Filters Product Sheet.

Technical DataST2ST3ST6
Filtration Area (m²)0,120,400,75
Volume (L)2360240
Maximale Pressure (bar)6610
Dimensions (l * w * h in cm)35 * 19 * 5053 * 45 * 7090 * 72 * 105
Weight (kg)2055150

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We cover a multitude of applications within all industrial sectors such as Chemicals, Agribusiness, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Renewables, etc.