Various Sectors

  • Environment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & Beverages
  • Renewables
  • Cosmetics


Our technology is the most efficient regarding the recovering of different types of waste, especially the oily sludge and the slop oil that we treat to produce substitute fuels.

Our centrifugal separators and filters are present in refineries, water treatment plants as well as in most waste oil treatment plants.

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Our products are present in drug production, where centrifugation is used to convert the raw materials into active substance.

E2SE produces efficient equipments for the pharmaceutical industry, in accordance with the required hygiene standards. We provide equipment for pilot productions (testing of raw materials) and industrial productions.



Many separators are present in the food industry, such as protein extraction (soy, pea), starch or olive oil production.

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We use the centrifugation within many processes in the beverage production, notably in order to separate the yeast and to stop the fermentation of cider or beer.

Most of the industrial beverage industries require this kind of equipment to operate the separation : tea and coffee, wine clarification, skimming, etc.



New generation fuels come from renewable sources (organic non-fossile material), contrary to the traditional hydrocarbon fuel (oil, coal, peat, gas).

The centrifugation is essential to the transformation of biomass into biofuel.

Our separators are particularly present in the biodiesel production.



The cosmetics industry is also facing separation fluid issues (cream, essential oils).

The wool grease purification is carried out by a centrifugal separator, in order to produce the lanoline, which is essential to the production of many cosmetic products.