The E2SE technology

The E2SE centrifugal separators combine the technology of a vertical disc-type centrifuge with a screw conveyor, usually found in horizontal decanters.

Thanks to this innovative combination, our separators accept higher solid concentrations than the conventional disc separators.

For more information about our separators, please consult the Centrifugal Separators Product Sheet.

Working Principle

  1. The solution is introduced into a bowl before being accelerated at high speed ;
  2. The product is divided into many layers within the disc stack, where the separation occurs by centrifugal force ;
  3. The solids accumulate on the bowl walls and are ejected by the screw conveyor, while the liquid phases are released under pressure or by gravity.


The rotational speed and the disc surface dramatically increase the clarifying surface, equivalent several thousand square meters, saving considerable space, energy and time for your separation operations.

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Our Range of Separators

We offer a wide range of separators including different sizes, covering many applications for SMEs as well as for large industrial groups.

Our experts provide a customized analysis of your product to be treated and offer a solution tailored to your processes for optimum performance.

Technical DataC3000C5300C7300
Output Rate (m³/h)0,2 to 42 to 105 to 25
Centrifugal force (g)800060006500
Size of trapped particles0,3 μm to 1 mm0,3 μm to 1 mm0,3 μm to 1 mm
Acceptance of solid concentrationup to 15 %up to 15 %up to 15 %
Engine power (kW)112245/55
Dimensions (l*w*h in cm)100*57*105190*90*180220*114*200
Weight (kg)35022004300


  • Our engineers design tailored separations units, adapted to your specific requirements ;


  • Our technicians assist you from the on-site installation through staff training up to the preventive and perfective maintenance ;


  • We are competent to repair and refurbish all types of separators and decanters.
  • Mobile production units are also available in order to meet your ponctual needs or to carry out on-site tests ;


  • Our company is ISO 9001 and our products are ATEX certified.


Our separators can be either set up to separate Liquid-Solid or Liquid-Liquid-Solid mixtures (2 or 3 phases)  to perform clarification, concentration or any other separation operations.

We cover a multitude of applications in many industries such as cosmetics, renewables, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, waste oil and waste water, etc.